Artificial intelligence fuelling results

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Saying the right thing at the right time changes everything.

Our proprietary learning machine ActiveBx uses algorithms to continuously study and learn from different parameters. An automated offer selection algorithm that never sleeps, constantly monitors campaigns and reacts in real time to changes in performance.

The result? A maximisation of ad conversions and revenue.

Predictive models

That decide precisely when, where and to whom an offer should be shown to. Assessing the following parameters to achieve the best results:

Ad context

The user, the place and time that it works best.


Targeting people based on their devices

Ad typology

Each offers individual characteristics 

Proprietary technology

That powers our applications.

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The ultimate traffic optimisation tool that gets the right ad, to the right user, at the right time.

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Powering video

Getting video ads to the users that count.

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Growing apps

Post-install optimisation to ensure growth.

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Say goodbye to fraud with our advanced technology.
Proactively preventing fraud to keep you safe. 

Advanced tools

With data science at the forefront, our security algorithms anticipate, prevent and block fraudulent traffic sources.

Dedicated team

A dedicated Security and Quality comité, maintaining and improving anti-fraud tools and isolating specific sources.

Working together

We work hand in hand with our advertisers, keeping their investment safe while identifying and blocking fraudulent traffic.