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    1. BILLY is a specialist mobile agency that joins advertisers and publishers owners of apps and websites, intermediating and optimizing advertising.
    2. BILLY may extend or modify the WEBSITE by removing or adding contents or services, at any time.

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    7. The online hiring of publishing services between the parties (Publisher and Advertisers) with the intermediation of BILLY will be subject to specific terms and conditions to be accepted by the parties on each occasion. Billy will provide a Private panel to each party.

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    4. The USERS hereby authorize, license and, to the utmost extent required, assign BILLY with the use of the contents uploaded on the WEBSITE or delivered to BILLY through whatever mean or channel, for its use, exploitation, publication, translation, modification, distribution, public dissemination and transformation, on a free of charge and universal basis, without any geographic or time limit.
    5. Billy grants to the parties (publishers and advertisers) a license for use of the Private panel, with the sole propose of managing the commercial relation.

    1. BILLY does not guarantee the uptime and continuity of the WEBSITE and/or of the Services or the information contained in the panel. Whenever reasonably possible, BILLY will provide prior notice of any interruptions affecting the WEBSITE and the services. BILLY is also unable to guarantee the utility of the WEBSITE and of the Services for the performance of a specific activity, or of their infallibility.
    2. The WEBSITE has been created and is exploited just as it was designed by BILLY. As a consequence, BILLY does not accept any liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that may be due to downtime or a lack of continuity of the WEBSITE and of the services, of any failure to satisfy expectations or specific needs of USERS and, more specifically, although not exclusively, for any failure to access the different web pages of the portal, when these are caused on grounds that are beyond the will of BILLY.
    3. Access and use of the services offered by BILLY requires a computer or computer device and an Internet connection. The costs associated with these elements will be exclusively faced by the USER.
    4. Notwithstanding the efforts made by BILLY to ensure that the information displayed on the WEBSITE maintains the highest standards of quality, BILLY can’t guarantee the reliability, topicality and utility of such information.
    5. BILLY does not accept any liability for damages of any kind that may arise from:
      • (a) Breach of the law, of the morality and o the generally accepted good manners or public order by the USER or third parties;
      • (b) The infringement of intellectual property rights, business secrets, contractual undertakings of any kind, reputation, personal and family privacy, personal image, property rights and any other kind of rights belonging to a third party, by the USER or third parties;
      • (c) The performance of unfair competition acts and illegal advertising by the USER or any third parties;
      • (d) The lack of veracity, accuracy, topicality, thoroughness, pertinence and/or updating of the information provided to BILLY by the USER or any other third party;
      • (e) The breach, delay in performance, defective performance or termination on whatsoever grounds of the obligations due by the USER or any third parties;
    6. BILLY will not be liable for the content or performance of other websites which may be accessed through the inclusion of a link on this WEBSITE. This exclusion of liability extends to the contents and/or services offered through these websites unless these they belong to BILLY.
    7. BILLY provides services to the parties as an intermediary and denies any responsibility for the contents of the apps and publishers. BILLY develops the utmost care to provide the service but does not guarantee results.

    See the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy Section.


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